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sissypissy asked:
early madonna is somethin to rejoice in. this is helpful in navigating. and although we shouldn't appreciate her in pieces, her beginnings create an iconic picture of what it is to be a powerful, young woman. youtube: bell hooks on madonna.

What interested me in the beginning was her drive and ambition to make it specifically as a woman ” iconic picture of what it is to be a powerful, young woman”. The whole scene in nyc at the time interests me greatly. All the great artists etc that were around and she stands out as one of the most iconic/successful of it. Very insightful video thanks for sharing.

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popularsizes asked:
"I’ve recently had some truly conflicting feelings about Madonna for obvious reasons." what are the obvious reasons? just curious, thanks.

When she referred to her son Rocco using the N word and then made an extremely pitiful apology. Her cultural appropriation over the years. I have no doubt Madonna has done a lot of good as well but I personally don’t understand the need to say or do those things. It makes you think. 

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